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Secondary Stage (Class IX and X)

Class IX and X are considered as a single course. Admissions are not entertained in class X as this is a course taken together. At this stage, the Students are in the process of becoming well rounded personalities. Having been exposed to a variety of activities aimed at exploring their academic, cultural and sports potentials, they have entered the secondary level wherein the academics take prime place. This is also a stage when they are exposed to a great amount of learning related stress. A variety of activities are designed and executed to make the transition smooth.

The examination from Academic Year 2017-18 and onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure. All students will take up the Board Exam at the Promotion Examination end of the Academic Year.

  • Practical classes in Science and Mathematics are assessed.
  • Grades are awarded to Physical Education, Health Education, Environmental Education, Art Education, Life Skills & Value Education / Scripture.
  • Small time projects are a regular feature of all the subjects.
  • Internal Assessment on English, Language, Science, Mathematics and Social Science become an integral part of the Class X Board Examination.
  • Conducting coaching classes after regular class hours to venhance and supplement learning skills.
  • Career Counselling provided by highly functional and reputed organizations.
  • Seminars and workshops are organized for enhancing academic proficiency and developing soft skills.
  • Participation in a variety of Olympiads and Talent Search Examinations conducted by reputed organizations.
  • Organising high profile and innovative project Exhibitions.
  • Instilling leadership qualities through assigning roles as ‘volunteers’ to enhance discipline in the campus.
  • Encouraging participation in Co-Curricular activities at vintra and inter levels.


  1. English Communications
  2. Second Language - Hindi Course ‘B’ / Tamil / Sanskrit / 2. French
  3. Mathematics with Practicals
  4. Science & Technology
    i) Physics Theory & Practicals
    ii) Chemistry Theory & Practicals
    iii) Biology Theory & Practicals
  5. Social Science
    History, Civics, Geography, Economics
    & Disaster Management
  6. Work Experience
  7. Computer Science
  8. Physical Education
  9. Health Education
  10. Art Education
  11. Environmental Education
  12. Physical Training
  13. Life Skills & Value Education / Scripture