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Science Laboratories

The School has adequately equipped separate Science Laboratories for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Mathematics. The latest scientific apparatus are housed in modern well ventilated laboratories with spacious seating arrangements that will enable the students to get a first hand knowledge of the practicals in a scientific atmosphere.

Routine practical classes are conducted in the respective laboratories in subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Home Science for classes IX, X, XI & XII. The students of VI, VII & VIII are taken to the laboratories periodically to get them acquainted with the innovative instruments of science and scientific learning.

Also the required practical equipments / apparatus / specimens / chemicals are taken to the class room for demonstration and to familiarise the students with practical exposure in classes IV to VIII.

Mathematics Laboratory

With the objective of making, teaching and learning of Mathematics more effective, interesting and enjoyable, our school has set up a well designed mobile Mathematics Laboratory.  The objectives of the Lab are

  • To achieve the higher broad objectives of sharpening of the intellect
  • To develop the skill of logical reasoning
  • To master the basic essential mathematical skills.

A variety of activities are planned for the students of Classes III to X.The introduction of the Mathematics Laboratory in our School is another effort to make the curricular transaction of the subject more meaningful.

Computer Science
St. John’s (Besant Nagar) introduces the Technology based knowledge of Computer Science for all the Students from Classes UKG to XII at three different stages - Primary Level (UKG-V Class), Middle Level (VI-VIII Class) High School & Secondary Level (IX‑XII)

Technology Based Training : We have understood the latest trend that Computer Technology is an important tool in the Educational Programme. And it is the prime duty of the institution to successfully integrate technology into the school academic curriculum. This is a complex and challenging educational goal. All the students from UKG Class to X Class are taught the computer Mastery skills around the following 10 essential technology areas at graded level suitable to different age / class levels.

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Database
  • Multimedia
  • Spread Sheets
  • Word Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Operating Environments
  • Applied Technology
  • Programming
  • Graphics

This training is given in a separate MULTI-MEDIA LAB equipped with hi-tech well configurated 60 Computer Systems and handled by 8 Computer Tutors specially trained for the course.

Stage I : We bring the richness of a new learning experience in the form of Computer Education Foundation Programme (CEFP) for the primary class students.

Stage II : For the students of Class VI to Class X Computer Science is taught as an integral part of work experience activities.

Stage III : Computer Science is taught as an elective subject for the students of XI and XII. The computer languages - C++, Oracle, NetBeans and MySQL  are taught in the Curriculum.

Audio-Visual Aids: The School uses the following audio-visual aids for learning activities.

  • 16 mm Movie Projector
  • Automatic-Slide Projector
  • Over-head Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • 24” colour TV Fitted with videoscope for clear visibility
  • Public Address System
  • Video Cassette Player
  • Audio Cassette Player