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Our Founder Dr. G. Rajakumar - A Tribute

"We live in deeds, not years ; in thoughts not breaths ;
He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best ”...Dr. G. Rajakumar

Dr. Rajakumar’s life is an example of a great man who is still living through his noble deeds. Dr. Rajakumar, an institution by himself was an educationist, journalist, administrator, evangelist and a visionary. He was a great man of God. He transformed millions of lives who came in touch with him.

Dr. Rajakumar was born on 23rd July 1933 to Dr. Gnaniah and Mrs. Annabakiam Ammal. He completed his formal education and joined the government service in the statistical department. He married our chairperson Mrs. Sakuntala who was a teacher by profession.

As Sir Philip Sydney says,
“In the truly great, virtue governs with a Sceptre of knowledge and wisdom”.

Our beloved Founder Chairman Dr. Rajakumar was a man of noble character. He always insisted on perfection in every activity. He was a gentleman with a magnanimous heart. He was known for his humility, philanthropy, punctuality, courage, honesty, dedication and devotion.

In the 1970’s the schools around Mandaveli catered to the needs of the elite. Dr. Rajakumar wanted to change this scenario and bring light of knowledge to the middle-class people. Dr. Rajakumar started a small school in a thatched roof. The seed which he had sown has grown into a huge banyan tree sheltering seven educational institutions -  nurturing the young minds with holistic education.

“Faith moves mountains”. Dr. Rajakumar had immense faith in God. His strong belief in God enabled him to progress and prosper in his life.

“The true measure of loving God is to love Him without measure”. Dr. Rajakumar expressed his love for His Creator by building churches to enrich the spiritual lives of millions.This legendary figure had devoted his entire life for the cause of education and the upliftment of the downtrodden.

“As long as the moon shall rise,
As long as the river shall flow,
As long as the sun shall shine,
As long as the grass shall grow”

Rt. Rev. Dr. Rajakumar will be remembered forever by everyone.